Information on how school travel plans promote active, safe and sustainable travel to school, plus help and guidance on creating them. This page is targeted at the travel plan officer at the school.

If your school needs to complete a travel plan for planning purposes, please follow the below steps for Modeshift STARS

The way children travel to school can have an enormous impact on their lifestyle. Greater numbers of parents taking their children to and from school by car is contributing to increased congestion, higher levels of pollution and greater risk to pedestrians and cyclists from cars. Modeshift STARS is a national awards scheme which recognises the excellence shown by schools, and will help to sustain the work that is being done. Schools can record and monitor all activities and initiatives that support the travel plan such as Bikeability and Junior Road Safety Officer schemes. Sign up for free by following these steps:

Step 1

visit and click 'contact/register' and fill out the form, making sure you enter your name, school and then selecting the roe that is most appropriate to your position in the school (e.g. School Travel Plan Champion)

Step 2

Once you have been approved for access, have a go at logging in and filling out your travel plan with the template provided. If you need some assistance, please fill out the form below or email

Step 3

Take a look below at the help sheets available to you. From the accreditation process and what is needed for each type of award, Green, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum to information on School Streets.

Guidance and templates

Accreditation checklist - issued May 2022 (PDF, 339KB)

STARS How to guide (Word doc.)

STARS Initiatives

Initiatives Toolkit

3 submission dates each year for Modeshift STARS accreditation - 31 March, 31 July, 31 December

Sign up to the Modeshift STARS newsletter

Parents can find advice about getting their child to school here

Home-to-school travel - GOV.UK (

View this useful webinar to help you get started on Modeshift which offers guidance on how Modeshift STARS works - click here

Take a look at our Suffolk on Board home to school travel guidance, which include discounts and timetables - click here

Information on School Streets

Information on 5-minute walking bubbles

Need some assistance?

Our school travel plans team are still available to provide you with any advice and support you need to update your Travel Plan to allow you to apply for accreditation. You can do this by filling out the form below . We can also provide advice over the phone, or using Microsoft Teams that can allow you to share your screen with us during the call. Please ensure that you state your availability in the form below so we can allocate some time to go through this with you if needed.

Download and print to explore the different active travel and road safety campaigns for 2022/23 for your school- click here to view PDF